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In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

Everyone's favourite room in the house is always the kitchen~ because that's where the food i! 

Our kitchen collection includes biodegradable dishcloths that replace the need for paper towels in oodles of charming prints. Themed tea towels in patterns from farm animals to cottage country lakes in Ontario.  We know you like your table setting to be as delicious as the menu served, so enjoy feasting your eyes on these lunch napkins, patterns for every season. We totally encourage you to get baking with the kiddos in matching Mommy & Me retro-inspired aprons! Especially since we aren't the ones having to clean up afterwards. 

Today's Menu: Whatever happens, we're eating it!

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Daisy, Single
Daisy, Single Sale price$6.95
Pansy, Single
Pansy, Single Sale price$6.95
Funny Cats, Single
Funny Cats, Single Sale price$6.95
Toadstool Crochet TrivetToadstool Crochet Trivet
Toadstool Crochet Trivet Sale price$12.95