The Café Collection

Team Parkwood never turns down the offer of a tasty tea or cuppa coffee! Luckily we always have our own in stock thanks to collaborations with Deadly Grounds gourmet coffees and TEALEAVES luxury teas.

Our favourite brew crew at Deadly Grounds Café in Courtice, Ontario are the brains behind these specialty blends. Organic and shade grown beans roasted right here in Toronto, makes this coffee so good it's to die for.  Who says sipping hot chocolate has to be just on wintery days? A warm mug feels like a warm hug all year round!  We just know you are going to love this coffee collaboration a latte

TEALEAVES is a luxury tea blender to Michelin Chefs and Five-Star Hotels, established in Vancouver in 1994. Here in the Parkwood Gift Shop, we carry some of our team's favourite flavours sourced from the world's tier-1 gardens! Watch for a special blend created for Parkwood coming soon...we'll put the kettle on for ya!