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Turkish Hand and Bath Towels

Turkish Hand and Bath Towels

Our generously oversized, super-soft Turkish cotton towels are ideas for use as bath and kitchen hand towels.  This quick-drying, highly absorbent towel will become softer and more absorbent with each wash.   Every towel is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour and weight. Whether you’re stepping out of the shower or lounging in the sun, your Turkish towel is a superior choice to any regular cotton alternative because of its fibrous integrity.  These handwoven, artisan-made towels are also made to last.

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Have a Heart Hand Towel, Pack of 2Have a Heart Hand Towel, Pack of 2
Have a Heart TowelHave a Heart Towel
Have a Heart Towel Sale price$53.95
Hasir Hand Towel in GoldHasir Hand Towel in Gold
Hasir Hand Towel in Gold Sale price$19.95
Hasir Hand Towel in LaurelHasir Hand Towel in Laurel
Diamond Hand Towel in PrussianDiamond Hand Towel in Prussian
Diamond Hand Towel in ThymeDiamond Hand Towel in Thyme
Diamond Hand Towel in SlateDiamond Hand Towel in Slate
Lined Diamond Hand Towel in MaroonLined Diamond Hand Towel in Maroon
Diamond Towel in ThymeDiamond Towel in Thyme
Diamond Towel in Thyme Sale price$38.95
Diamond Towel in SlateDiamond Towel in Slate
Diamond Towel in Slate Sale price$38.95
Hasir Towel in LaurelHasir Towel in Laurel
Hasir Towel in Laurel Sale price$38.95
Beach Towel in Bold ArielBeach Towel in Bold Ariel
Beach Towel in Bold Ariel Sale price$32.95
Beach Towel in Royal ArielBeach Towel in Royal Ariel
Beach Towel in Thick StripeBeach Towel in Thick Stripe
Beach Towel in Patio StripeBeach Towel in Patio Stripe